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Magical Sky Iceland



Magical Sky - Iceland

A film about the magic of the sky with the landscape and nature of Iceland in the foreground.


Original music by Alexandra Chernyshova that connects the magic of the stars and northern lights to the culture, history, adventures, elves and trolls of Icelanders. Music written for symphony orchestra, choir and soloists and consists of four movements: N.1.Northern lights, N.2. Lost, N.3.Water & Stars, N.4. Magical Love in the Sky.


The film is made with so-called time-lapse technology, photographs are taken from 70-80 known places in Iceland, with known landmarks, archaeological sites, mountains and places of interest.


Over 100,000 photos compiled for a 40-minute trip with original music.


Magical Sky - Iceland: Timelapse Photography of the Northern Lights

"Magical Sky - Iceland"


Time-Lapse movie about Iceland skies 

Film by : Jón R. Hilmarsson, photographer

Music by : Alexandra Chernyshova


Listen music of sinfonietta:

Year of creation : 2015  

Visit :

New Year Opera Gala - Iceland

New Year Opera Gala

Alexandra Chernyshova created her music New Year concert project “New Year Opera Gala” which held every year in Reykjanesbaer, Iceland. New Year Opera Gala is made to empower and engaged classical operatic music with professional opera musicians and audience in Reykjanesbær and Iceland. All musicians participated in New Year Opera Gala are connected to the local area or people of Reykjanesbær.

New Year Opera Gala is successful program since 2018. In 2021 & 2022 New Year Opera Gala in cooperation with Jon Hilmarsson, photographer and videographer and Vikufrettir News was broadcasted at Hringbraut Icelandic Television.

New Year Opera Gala received great feedback from Icelandic audience and guests from abroad.

It is great way to start a New Year with beautiful New Year Opera Gala concert. 

tix poster_800x600.jpg
Alexandra - nýárstónleikar - kálfatjarnarkirkja _4504.JPG
Allir - Helgi, Steinar, Rúnar Þór og Alexandra PH3A6123.jpg
Russian Souvenir - CANCELLED
Russian Souvenir by A. Chernyshova

Russian Souvenir - Music Program 


Alexandra Chernyshova created her project “Russian Souvenir” Music Program to build a musical and cultural friendly bridge between Russia and Iceland.

Since 2016 many concerts and cultural events have been held in both countries and musicians from both countries have been introducing music to Russian and Icelandic audience. 

__st petersborg_poster_a3_nr2.jpg

"Russian Souvenir - Music Program"

Russian Musical & Cultural bridge.  

2020 - Russian Souvenir: Alexander Pushkin in Reykjavik, Harpa Music Hall

In cooperation with St. Petersburg Petrogradskiy Central & Prince Oldenburgskiy Friendship Association and Saint Petersburg


Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano

Antonina Rostovskaja - composer

Katie Buckley - harpist 

Sergei Telenkov, bass-baritone

Kjartan Valdemarsson, piano

Gerður Bolladóttir, host

2019 - Russian Souvenir: Introducing Iceland in St. Petersburg.

In cooperation with St. Petersburg Petrogradskiy Central Library, Kamennoostrovskiy Castle, Prince Oldenburgskiy Friendship Association and Saint Petersburg Classical Music Salon Concert, directed by Stanislav Ljamin.

Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano

Gerður Bolladóttir, soprano

Sergei Telenkov, bass-baritone

Kjartan Valdemarsson, piano

Jón Hilmarsson, photographer


2018 - “Musical friendship bridge" between Russia - Iceland 
Russian Souvenir: Shostakovich, Serebriakov & Laxness - St.Petersbug Gorchakov Castle  

In cooperation with
Saint Petersburg Classical Music Salon Concert, directed by Stanislav Ljamin, St.Petersburg Music Library by Dmitry Shostakovich  and Laxness Museum/Gljúfrasteinn, Iceland 


Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano 

Olga Ermakova, piano 

Alexandra Korobkina, violin

Andrey Ivanov, cello

Julia Chmih, actress

Pavel Dmitriev, director of MLSh

Natalie Fedosejeva, host


2018 - Dmitry Shostakovich - Harpa, Kaldalón 

In cooperation with Music Library of Dmitry Shostakovich in St. Petersburg 


Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano 

Nína Margret Grímsdóttir, piano 

Sigurður Halldórsson, cello 

Hildigunnur Halldórsdóttir, violin 

Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir, host



2017 - Introduction of the opera ballet
“The Northern Lights Fairytale”
in Moscow and St. Petersburg 

In cooperation with libraries
in St. Petersburg. 

Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano 

Evgenia Chernyshova, writer 

2017 - Magic of love - Russian romances and Icelandic songs - Copenhagen, Denmark 

Two concerts in Russian culture house and Icelandic culture house - Jónshús 

Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano 

Vladimir Gerts, bass 

Elina Valieva, piano 

Svafa Þórhalldóttir, soprano

2017 - Russian romances
at Harpa, Kaldalón & church in Skálholt 

Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano 

Vladimir Gerts, bass 

Elina Valieva, piano 

Ingunn Hreinberg Indriðardóttir, host 

2016 - Introduction on the opera “Poet and the Bishop's Daughter” by Alexandra Chernyshova and Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir. 

In cooperation with
Opera Academy Vishnevskajs and music academy Gnessin in Moscow. 

Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano 

Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir, actress and host 

Jónína Erna Arnardottir, piano 

Valeria Petrova, piano 

Musicians from Gnessin

and Vishevskaja opera academy

2016 - Russian arias - Harpa, Kaldalón 

Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano 

Molina Lubov, contralto 

Valeria Petrova, piano 

Jónína Erna Arnardóttir, piano 

Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir, host

Russian Souvenir Music Program at HARPA
Russian Souvenir by A Chernyshova Flyers
2018.10.18_Афиша  копия.jpg
Russian Souvenir Music Program by A Cher
The Girl from Kiev
The Girl from Kiev.jpg

The Girl from Kiev

Unique Music and story telling programme ”The Girl from Kiev” - “Stúlka frá Kænugarði“ dedicated to the folk-classical heritage of Ukraine, originally made by Alexandra Chernyshova - soprano and Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir - actress and director,  performed in Iceland. Languages: Icelandic & Ukrainian.

Some of the songs come from the 16th century and are usually sang acapella or with the accompaniment of kobza, which is an old Ukrainian instrument.


Folk classical songs sang in the programme have  arrangements made by famous Ukrainian composers as Lisenko, Zaremba, Ljatoshinskiy, Chishko, Verjovka and Kaufman.


One of the songs by Mjaskovskiy in this programme were arranged specially for Alexandra Chernyshova while she was working as a soloist in Kiev Opera Theatre. Storyteller brought listeners to the deeper understanding of lyrics of the folk songs and made them excited to learn one of the Ukrainian songs taught by Alexandra at the concert. 

At the end of the programme guests were invited to taste Ukrainian soup - Borsh with pampushki, the special Ukrainian garlic bread. 


"The Girl from Kiev"

"Stúlka frá Kænugarði“



Alexandra Chernyshova - soprano

Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir - storyteller

Thomas Higgerson - pianist 

Jonina Erna Arnardóttir - pianist 





Folk Festival in Siglufjörður -

Söngvaskaldin góðu/

Þjóðlagahátíð á Siglufirði 



Stúlka frá Kænugarði

at Harpa Music Hall,

Kaldalón, Reykjavík



Nights of Lights
in Reykjanesbæ, Ljósanótt 



Tónleikaröð Listafélags Háteigskirkju, Reykjavík



Tónleikaröð Tónlistarfélagið Borgarfjarðar, Borgarneskirkja Borgarnesi



Art Festival at Akranes/

Vökudagar á Akranesi, Tónberg

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