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Member of Icelandic Composers Society - Tónskáldafélag Íslands

From 2011 to 2013 Alexandra  Chernyshova studied European Master of Music in Icelandic Music Academy ( Icelandic: Listaháskóli Íslands ) in Reykjavík. Alexandra´s graduation work was composing Icelandic Opera drama in II acts "The Poet and the Bishops daughter" ( Icelandic: Skáldið og Biskupdsdóttirin" )  on libretto by Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir, poetry by Hallgrímur Pétursson, Rúnar Kristjánsson, Guðný frá Klömbrum, Daði Halldórsson  and Icelandic old verses from XIII century. Alexandra  has taken courses in composition with Icelandic composer Hróðmar I. Sigurbjörnsson,  also with one of the most famous contemporary composers in Russia, Evgeniy Krilatov in Moscow and finally with Tomas Rudolp at Berklee Online Music University, USA. Alexandra has been a member of the Icelandic Composers Society - Tónskáldafélag Íslands - since 2019. Alexandra´s modern classical music compositions have attracted attention both in Iceland and internationally, with awards for both her singing and classical opera compositions.

"The Poet & the Bishop's daughter"

Opera-Drama in II acts 

​The 17th century old true icelandic story.

A story about true friendship between the greatest icelandic poet Hallgrimur Petursson and Ragnheidur the Bishop's daughter, which was 28 years younger then him. Friendship between men and women, is it possible? Was it possible? Yes, it is and it was... Yes! And their friendship was not a myth!  Friendship had never been that strong, Love had never been so blind! Life choices had never been so difficult... Was death an answer or destiny?

"The Northern Lights Fairytale"

Opera-Ballet for CHILDREN in II acts

Fascinated and inspired by the beauty of the Northern lights mother and daughter created an opera-ballet for children where the future and the past comes together. The fairytale based on the folklore tales of Iceland and Scandinavia. 

In this winter adventure, granny Valdís tells her grandchildren a fairytale about the birth of the seventh Northern Lights fairies and the Elf Queen who protects the Law of Harmony in the Nine Worlds. 

This fairytale is about the love between a girl troll named Triesta and Grímli the elf boy.


"Good morning, Madam President"

Opera-Drama in III acts with a Prologue and Epilogue




The Opera "Good morning, Madam President" is built on true & historical sources of life and work of a remarkable Icelandic woman - Madam Vigdís Finnbogadóttir who was democratically elected President of Iceland in 1980 and became the first Woman President in the World. A three act Opera with a Prologue and Epilogue were dedicated to this outstanding XX century woman. As a fourth president of Iceland for 16 years,  Vigdís Finnbogadóttir made great contribution in promoting Icelandic culture around the world. She emphasised the importance of caring for Iceland´s environment , children and also for Iceland´s cultural heritage. She is the namesake for the University of Iceland´s Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages and serves as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Languages. Madam Vigdís works alongside other world leaders in the Club de Madrid, the largest forum of democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers, and the Council of Women World Leaders.

Other works

2022 - " Fagradalsfjall volcano" - Icelandic symphony with four movements was composed for the documentary movie "Reykjanes erupts" by Jón R,Hilmarsson.1.Windy island, 2. Calm Island, 3. The Volcano, 4. The

2016 - “Magical sky Iceland” - Icelandic sinfonietta with four movements ( duration 30 minutes) 1. The Northern Lights, 2. Water and Stars, 3. Lost, 4. Magic of love in the Sky. A sinfonietta was composed for the time-lapse movie "Magical sky Iceland"  Internationally awarded Icelandic  photographer Jón R.Hilmarsson.


Musicsheet & book Publications:

2022 - Vocal-Digital Music Book/10 vocal numbers for soprano, alt, tenor, baritone with piano accompaniment from the opera-ballet "The Northern Lights Fairytale".

2021 - Partiture of the opera in III acts with Prologue and Epilogue "Góðan daginn, frú forseti" with Icelandic libretto.

2019 – Partiture of the opera-ballet “The Northern Lights fairytale/”Ævintýrið um norðurljósin/ Сказка о Северном Сиянии“ (hard cover) on Icelandic and Russian languages .

2018 – Vocal Music Book / digital  : 14 vocal numbers from the opera “The Poet and the Bishops daughter”/”Skáldið og Biskupsdóttirin” on Ukrainian language for soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and choir, with piano accompaniment. 

2017 – Book/Audiobook and music from opera-ballet “Ævintýrið um norðurljósin”(hard cover) on Icelandic language.

2015 - Vocal Music Book/hard cover: 14 vocal numbers from the opera “The Poet and the Bishops daughter” for soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and choir, with piano accompaniment on Icelandic language with English & Russian translation.

2014 – Partiture of the Icelandic opera- drama in II acts "The Poet and the Bishops daughter" ( Icelandic: "Skáldið og Biskupsdóttirin")

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