"Light and Nature of Iceland" 

is a photobook with the CD “You and only you”.


This CD included in the beautifull photobook by Jón Hilmarsson with pictures of icelandic nature.There are 101 photos on 96 pages.
Names of places and texts are both in English and Icelandic.

10 songs on the CD:

1. You and only you - Music and lyrics by A.Chernyshova

2. Please go - Music and lyrics by A.Chernyshova

3. Somewhere over the Rainbow- Music by H.Arlen, lyrics by E.Harburg

4. Time to Say Goodbye - Music by F.Sartori, lyrics by L.Quearantotto

5. Pie Jesu - Music and lyrics by Lloyd Webber

6. Tears in Heaven - Music and lyrics by Eric Clapton

7. The Sound of Music - Music by R.Rogers, lyrics by O.Hammerstein

8. Think of me - Music by Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Ch.Hart

9. Besame mucho - Music and lyrics by Conzuelo Vilazquez

10. I will wait for you - Music by M.Legran, lyrics by N.Gimbel


"Light & Nature of Iceland"+"You and only you" / by A.Chernyshova & J.Hilmarsson

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